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Halfort Dental Labs focuses on the combination of cutting-edge technology and high-performance materials to create our crowns and bridges. This allows you and your patients to appreciate reliable and beautiful work. Patients have high expectations for crowns and bridges, and Halfort Dental Labs can help you always exceed the highest standards. By providing only the highest quality ceramics, porcelain, metals and resins, Halfort Dental Labs crowns and bridges look completely natural and are more durable than ever.

Halfort Dental Labs offers a variety of crown and bridge options for various applications. From all-ceramics to porcelain-fused metals, the materials of our dental crowns and bridges have special advantages over traditional materials. For example, the translucent and precise color matching technology of our all-ceramic dental crowns and bridges can perfectly replicate the patient’s own teeth, which look as natural as the original teeth. Combined with our industry-leading digital dental technology, the restoration through Halfort Lab Solutions will make your patients smile for years.



Our Dental Crowns & Bridges Product Offerings

Your patients will want to show off their smile when you choose Halfort Lab Solutions to design and develop your crown and bridge restorations.


  • High Translucent Zirconia
  • Full Contour Zirconia
  • Layered Zirconia
  • e.max
  • Porcelain to Non-Precious
  • Porcelain to Semi-Precious
  • Porcelain to White Gold
  • Porcelain to Yellow High Noble
  • Metal Lingual (Anterior)
  • Metal Occlusal (Posterior)
  • NP Maryland Bridge
  • NP Post & Core
  • SP Post & Core
  • High Noble Post & Core
  • Porcelain Butt Margin
  • Full Non-Precious Crown
  • Full Semi-Precious Crown
  • Full Gold Crown Yellow High Noble
  • Full Gold Crown White High Noble
  • Onlay/Inlay Yellow Gold
  • Y+ 2%
  • Temporary Crown & Bridges