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Benefits of Crowns And Bridges

Benefits of Crowns And Bridges It restores the proper function of your teeth, such as chewing and speaking. It keeps your remaining teeth from shifting and causing problems with your bite. It lowers the risk of bone loss, preserving the structures of your face. The...

The Dental Solutions

The Dental Solutions WE ARE OPEN — During this tough time, we are here for our patients and the community. We are devoted to providing dental care in a safe and hygienic atmosphere for individuals who require it, even if this means adjusting our operating hours or...

Dental Laboratory Services

About Halfort Dental Lab Solution: Halfor Dental Laboratories specialises in dental implants, aesthetic dentistry, and digital dentistry. The company was founded in 1991 with the purpose of producing only the highest quality dental prosthesis. As a result, every...

Dental Implant Instruments

Dental Implant Instruments Basic considerations like tray setup may not get the full attention they deserve for GPs who are expanding their skill set to include the placement of dental implants. The learning experience tends to focus so much on diagnostics, treatment...
Dental Instruments

Dental Instruments

Sun Dental Labs focuses on cutting edge technology combined with top-performing materials to create our crowns and bridges.


Sun Dental Labs’ SunFlex partials out perform other acrylic partials on every level. They are lightweight, more comfortable and nearly invisible. Our line of dental partials offer ideal flexibility, stability and aesthetic appeal.